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PairFX is a chess pairing program for youth tournaments in schools and chess clubs . It is translated in Dutch, English and French. It supports the organization of a so-called 'run through' tournament. You can add and remove players on the fly and adjust the pairings if you wish. Its not round based but game based, so those who can play faster will be playing more games than those who play slower. That's not bad. The pairing algorithm sorts the players according to percentage and points, and then tries from the bottom to the top to make pairings. The important thing is that the players play as much as possible. Where round based pairing programs come in handy when organizing club competitions and adults tournaments, PairFX proves to be better for youth tournaments. Ideal to run tournaments at school! Are you a chess teacher at school, or organize a separate tournament at the club? Try PairFx! Note: Version 2.01 Also supports round robin tournaments

How does it work? Suppose you have 20 players, so 10 games. After 10 minutes, six players have finished playing and are doing nothing. Instead of keeping themselves busy or disturbing the other games,you can get them to play chess immediately again with PairFX. Is a chess player tired of playing, you do not need to pair him again. When a new player wants to join late, you just add him and your done. PairFX takes into account 'color preference' as much as possible, alternating white and black. Furthermore, players can play each other multiple times. But not in the last three rounds (you can adjust this). So if the message indicates that a pairing is not possible, then it is one of those reasons. Both parameters can be adjusted in the tournament file if needed. and best of al .. it's completely free !

1) Using version 2.01 ? -> Just Unzip it and start the PairFX.exe file!
for those who want to use the older versions:
1) Download and unzip the PairFX in a folder
Attention! Do not download and directly double-click because you are starting the program in the zip file and PairFx will not find the program libraries No, unzip the program somewhere in a folder on your disk. eg 'c: \ pairfx.
2) Install the Java 7 runtime (jre)
3) Start PairFX!
by double-clicking or PairFX.jar PAIRFX_FR for the french version, or PAIRFX_EN for the English version.
Have fun!!

PairFX versions:

  • version 2.01 (03/03/2015)
  • * Big update in this version. No more java installation necessary! Just download, unzip and go!
    * Support for round robin tournaments (everybody against everybody)
    * Export to templates. So create your own word document and pairfx can export to it. (copy the example and change it)
    * Language enhancements in the application
    * Fixed dialog issues
  • version 1.15 (27/03/2014)
  • * added undo for last made batch of pairings + added extra info to a remove
    * enable/disable fading in administrator screen. Gains a lot on speed, but a bit less sexy ;)
    I've noticed old pc's had some trouble running PairFX and there is no reason for this.
    * Some small bugs fixed
  • versie 1.14 (18/03/2014)
  • * found a bug! Codewise very small but enough to block a tournament! So you should really update to this version. What was it ? Players have a colour preference in PairFX. But it is not a priority for the pairing algorithm. There was a piece of code that threw an exception if for instance a player who really wanted to be white was again paired with black. Removed that exception since it isn't one. * Added always forcefully pair 2 players if only 2 are selected. Guess you know what you're doing.
  • versie 1.13 (06/02/2014)
  • * Added web server. Now you can surf to your machine to see the latest pairings. Open a tournament, go to the admin page and start the server. The latest pairings are always written to export.html in the web dir. The generated page auto refreshes every 30sec. In fact every generated page does so, so you can now put your export files in the web folder too if you want if you want to show something else. (typically to use with a projector to show the latest pairings) * added a filter to the pairing list in case it becomes long. (progressive search) * added support for id in a player. This means that in the import from xls, the first column with the id is now processed. It works on the filter too.
  • versie 1.12 (26/01/2014)
  • Two major changes in this release: * PairFX translated! You can now start using PairFX_NL, PAIRFX_FR PAIRFX_EN or any other language can now be added in no time. Spread the word! * experimental: Import from Excel. xls and xlsx is supported. format: the first sheet is taken of them and the 3rd column is imported. Format: Last Name First Name so eg: Jan Van De Velde -> First name: Jan, name: Van De Velde. This will change but for the time being to support. School chess tournament Of course we want a column name and a column name.
  • versie 1.11 (19/01/2014)
  • * New tournaments are based on old tournaments now. Created On the 'new tournament "screen, you can select from the dropdown another tournament. Now if you type in a name and click 'Create tournament' button then the tournament will be created and all the players (only name and surname) of the selected tournament directly created in the new tournament. This can save a lot of time if you always sit with around the same group of players. * title * put toggle button is replaced by the radio button for clarity in the Administrator screen version 1.10 (01/12/2014) * Add absences (when editing a player you can now absent put it) * after the start of a tournament, you can on the home screen in a button click 'Administrator' where you parameters can modify * the% button to switch between percentage pairings and standings and scores opposition to the new Administrator screen. * bugfix in frig (x rounds are not playing against each other was not gechecket for 2nd player) * edit gefixet
  • Version 1.5 (12/14/2013)
  • Version 1.4 (12.12.2013)
  • Mark Dechamps 2013